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School Runs

(S128) Electra to Bundaberg State High School

This service operates from the Corner of Pine Creek Road and School Lane to Bundaberg State High School.

Important Information for All Students

Travel on School Runs

The Queensland Government - School Transport Assistance Scheme provides assistance to enable eligible school students to travel on South Bundy Buses to attend primary or secondary school.

Please obtain a Bus Travel Assistance Application Form (BTA) or ask the driver for a copy on your child/children's first day of travel on the bus. It is the parent's responsibility to return the fully completed BTA form to the driver within 7 days of obtaining the form, to ensure prompt processing of your application and to avoid paying a bus fare.

Please, also ensure to complete and submit a new BTA application form when a student goes from primary level (Prep-Year 6) to secondary level (Year 7-12), even if the student is remaining at the same school. Please advise South Bundy Buses when your child is no longer traveling on our bus, especially if they are a fare paying student.

Student Behaviour on School Buses

The Code of Conduct for School Bus Travel - is a set of behavioural guidelines developed to assist South Bundy Buses manage the issue of student behaviour on the bus. Whilst most students are responsible and well behaved on the bus, however, a minority will not. The actions of this minority may affect the ability of South Bundy Buses drivers to concentrate and may further impair on the safety of all students travelling on the bus.

To address this, Queensland Transport in consultation with the Department of Education and Training, the Queensland Police Service, bus industry groups, parent groups, principals' associations, unions and non-state school authorities has developed the Code of Conduct for School Bus Travel. The Code applies to all students attending primary or secondary school, who use buses either to travel to and from school or for other school-related events such as excursions.

If you have any questions or comments about a particular route, departure times or to report any incident that your child/children have encountered on the South Bundy Busses, please do not hesitate to contact our office on (07) 4152 5880 or send us an email at admin@southbundybuses.com.au so that the matter can be promptly dealt with.

A Reminder to all Parents/Guardians about Seatbelts on School Buses

South Bundy Buses is proud to announce the introduction of some seat-belted buses into our fleet. These buses may now be used to provide transport for your son/daughter's journey to and from school. One of the features of these buses is, they have been retro-fitted with lap-sash seatbelts. Your cooperation is sought in ensuring that your son/daughter wears the seatbelts provided.

Failure of students to wear seatbelts where fitted is a Category 2 offence under the Code of Conduct. Students who do not wear their seatbelts will be suspended from travel on the bus for a period of time. During this period, alternative travel arrangements will need to be made by the parents of the student.

South Bundy Buses is hopeful that with your encouragement and coaching, and with reminders provided by school and bus drivers, such action will be unnecessary. Please talk to your son/daughter about the requirements for them to wear their seatbelts at all times when traveling to and from school - perhaps even reminding them each morning as they go to catch the bus!

Please contact South Bundy Buses on (07) 4152 5880 if you have any further questions regarding the above reminder.

Yours Sincerely,

Richard J Hayes